Precooling Services and Equipment

Ice Equipment

  • Portable and Fixed Ice Generator (From 35 up to 200 tons per day)
  • 6-7 Pallet Ice Injector with Hydrocool Option
  • Automatic Pallet Fed Injector
  • Automatic 8 Pallet Push-Off Injector with Water Recovery System
  • MicroSquirt Manual Icing System
  • Portable Walking Floor Ice Storage System

Precooling Equipment

  • Forced Air Pressure Cooler
  • Vacuum Tube
  • Hydrocooler

Other Equipment

  • Weigh and Scale System
  • Food Safety Chemical Treatment System


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HL-18 pressure-cooler-1 Ice Injector 13
Mobile Ice Generator
Forced Air Pressure Cooler
Ice Injector

Precooling systems and equipment are available from Growers Ice for lease, purchase or partnership.

All equipment and systems are completely customizable and designed to the specific needs of the customer.

All Growers Ice customers are provided with professional on-site installation, intensive mechanical training, comprehensive warranties, and steadfast technical support. Easy to replace components, simplified maintenance, and rugged construction are our guarantee of constant and reliable performance.